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Merchant Cash Advances: Get the Working Capital your Business needs

Merchant Cash Advance Merchant Services provides a flexible financial solution with Merchant Cash Advances for retail stores, restaurants and service businesses nationwide. Our Cash Advances for High Risk Merchants are fast, low-documentation funding solutions. For High Risk Merchants with less than perfect credit history, getting Cash Advances can be vital. If you've been rejected for a small business loan, our easy approval working capital solution is perfect for you.


We also provide Small Business Loans and our Cash for Declines Program.


Bad Credit? No Problem, easy approval Merchant Cash Advance!

If you accept credit cards you qualify for a High Risk Merchant Cash Advance today! Since we do not report to any credit agency, it doesn't matter if Merchants don't have a great credit score . You can spend the cash as you like: To invest on your established business, to start a new business, to buy out your partner, etc.

Our Merchant Cash Advances are helping businesses like yours to get though these harsh economic times. Merchant Cash Advances are the best funding solution for many retail and hospitality businesses that can't acquire working capital through traditional loans because they lack collateral. Through our partnerships with various lending services, we are now able to offer multiple options for your high risk needs. Right now banks are not lending that much money, in a time when Merchants need cash to keep their business afloat.


Merchant Cash Advance: Main benefits of our Working Capital Solution

- Get up to $500,000 in as little as 10 days.

- Use the money without restriction.

- Pre-qualification in 24 hours.

- No collateral required.

- No application fees.

- No collateral required and no traditional personal guarantees.

- NO set payback time period or NO set money payment amount.

- 90% approval rate.

- Pay as you grow.

- No fixed payments.

- No fixed timeframe.

- Completely automated.

- We get paid when you get paid.



APPLY NOW! Get the best Merchant Cash Advance for your business today!


Questions? Contact our Merchant Cash Advance Experts!


Guaranteed Lowest Rates!

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