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Offshore& International Credit Card Processing

OffshoreInternational ProcessingMany local Merchant Acquiring Banks decline a high number of merchant account enquiries because they consider some Merchants to be too risky for credit card processing. Offshoreare the best solution for Merchants and International Businesses that need credit card processing capabilities but can't get approved for a domestic .


Our Company is an US Provider based in California who specializes in setting up Offshorethrough its international network of overseas acquiring banks. We offer the best Offshoreat the lowest rates, with the fastest deposit times and no processing limits. If your business is in a industry like Adult Entertainment, Online Gambling, Online Pharmacy or Online Dating, you need a reliable Offshore provider to have international credit card processing overseas.


Offshore Credit Card Processing benefits for Merchants

Offshore Credit Card ProcessingOur partnership with overseas banks from around the world allow us to provide Merchants with flexible Offshorethat provide several benefits, including the following:


- Multi Currency Processing: Key for Internet Merchants whose customers extend worldwide and have a broader customer base than local shops. is able to process credit card payments and remit payments to the Offshore holder in many different currencies.

- Potential Tax savings: Some Offshore holders are able to save on taxes and other government fees when using international processing with banks overseas.


- Major Credit Card Processing: Offshore banks are able to accept the same credit cards that are commonly processed in the United States, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

- Immediate Payment: Using online payment processing can allow you to accept payments at any time of the day or night, making your business convenient for customers and maximizing your sales potential.


- Secure Fraud Protection: Offshoretypically process credit cards through a secure online server that will verify your customer’s identity and protect you both from fraud.


Accept Credit Cards with our Offshore . Take action now!

We help small business and merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards, e-checks and virtually all kinds of payment with overseas banks. Increase your sales and profits in a competitive market where customers demand payment flexibility. Take advantage of our low rates and save money on your international processing costs with our affordable Offshore.

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