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Credit Restoration: Accept Credit Cards from your customers

Small Business FriendlyWe understand the passion invested and the daily hard work of small business owners in the credit restoration industry. When you need to accept credit cards, Our Company has the best merchant credit card processing services in the industry. Unfortunately most banks to do not approve and routinely decline this specific industry. Companies get lumped into the "high risk" category because your companies have poor/bad credit and the risk of chargebacks is higher. Even though you provide legitimate services and chargeback rates may be relatively low you are still flagged as a high risk industry. Fortunately we also have ACH Check processing services too so in addition to credit and debit cards you can also process checks over the phone or online/your website.

Dont get Declined or Shutoff

Unfortunately many small businesses come to us after being closed by another company or bank. Banks and service providers routinely prune and drop merchants who they flag as risk being too high. Merchant porfolios processed and underwritten by banks routinely have a pool of risk between low and high risk. Grocery store will be at the low end of the risk spectrum and a credit restoration service is likely on the high end of the spectrum. Its really important to select a merchant service provider who has a variety of companies and businesses simlar to your classification. Even if you have been denied, closed, or shutoff, we can certainly still help you get up and running again with a banking solution that is "friendly" to your specific industry. Our Services are compatible with NMI,, Chargebee, and "Credit Repair Cloud" CRM systems. Big boy credit card processors like First Data, Square, Paypal, Intuit, routinely "Auto-accept" merchants like credit counseling business services only to review and underwrite your account a few weeks or months later. Only then is your account reviewed by the underwriter. Once the merchant provider like those describe discovers your business is financial services/credit counseling related they will abruptly close and cancel your service with No Warning! We have even seen merchants process for years with clean history only to be again abruptly shutoff and their revenue stream cutoff. Dont lose sleep or let this happen to you! Work with a solution payment processing gateway that is friendly towards your business model.


Startups and New Companies are OK

In as little as 3-5 business days, we can have you up and running with a credit card proessing account for your credit restoration company. Important Note: Be wary of another service provider promising "instant approvals" or 1 day approvals for a credit repair company. There are many websites and services that promise you fast approvals for credit repair. There are very few banks open to credit repair credit card processing, and if you are promised something too good to be true, please review carefully! As a savvy business owner you already know there is no such thing as a free lunch or "low fees" as the low fees will just be made up elsewhere. Every business like yourself has cost, expenses, and needs to make a reasonable profit. Merchant processing solutions are exactly the same. Especially for credit restoration/credit counseling business like yours is, there is a little bit of supply and demand in play. The supply of banks underwriting and supporting credit repair companies is limited therefore there is room to charge higher monthly fees. This is especially true for startup companies. Businesses with established credit card processing history and statements showing low chargeback ratios and demonstrating solid processor history will have more negotiating power and room for significantly lower discount rates and interchange fees. Please note we can even help startups and newly established companies get setup with a domestic bank that is OK with your business model. We also have solutions for those firms looking for an offshore of international solution. Please note as a startups only you may be required to have a 5-10% reserve on your business volume. Once you are established and have at least 3-6 months of history, underwriting can perform an evaluation and have the reserve reduced or eliminated depending on your history. Our company feels honesty is best in our sales approach. Be Wary of another service provider claiming you wont need this. So dont feel bad if you are declined or denied by another service provider. You will have to provide documentation about your company even as a new business you will need:

- Business or Personal Banking Statements for New Businesses

- Drivers License and Voided Check

- Working Website or Marketing Materials outlining your services.

- IF you are an established company you'll also need 2-3 months processing statements history

- We can approve companies with bad credit, but a higher fico score will help for a quicker approval



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