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Frequently Asked Questions about s

Why do I need a ?

allow Retail and Online Merchants to process credit card transactions and the transfer of the funds from the shopper's credit card to the Merchant's bank account.
We have the right for your business!

What types of Merchants do you approve?

All types of Merchants meeting our underwriting standards: Merchants, Internet Merchants, MOTO Merchants, Retail Merchants, etc.

All Merchants can process credit cards with us!

What if my business is not located in the United States?

We provide international credit card processing solutions to offshore merchants in territories overseas.

Learn more about Offshoreand International Processing.

How to choose the right Credit Card Processing Company?

No question that is vital for you to accept credit cards to increase your business and profits. But it is also important to choose the right Credit Card Processing Provider. Many processors out there charge high application and processing fees, offer leasing with no cancellation terms, or sign you up for merchant services that you just don't need. Choose the best Credit Card Processor!

I already have a Credit Card Processor. What can you offer me?

Every day, Merchants across America are switching to Merchant Services for Credit Card Processing. We have years of experience, a track record of dedication, superb customer service and always the lowest rates, GUARANTEED! Get a fast, easy and profitable credit card processing service!

What are your rates?

Every business is unique and have different processing needs. Just fill out our quick application form with some basic information and we will promptly provide you a personalized quote. We are committed to provide Merchants with the most affordableand credit card processing solutions.

My credit is less than perfect; will you decline my Application?

We specialize in helping Merchants that are usually declined. We are always approvingfor Businesses with poor credit history, including bankruptcies. Get your without extra hassles, ridiculous conditions, or additional fees.

Accept credit cards now!

If you turn down my application, will you charge me any fees?

No. If we exhaust all possibilities and still can't provide your business with a , you pay nothing. But remember that our approval rate is over 99% so it is very likely that we will be able to accept your application. Apply for a now, risk free!

When can I start accepting credit cards?

Once your is approved, you will be able to accept cards upon receipt of your Processing Terminal or e-Commerce password. This usually occurs within 3-5 business days of your account approval.

What if I need assistance with my ?

Merchant Services Customer Service representatives are available 24/7/365, Toll-Free!

What are Internet s?

Internet Merchants or Web Merchants have an online business where they sell products and/or services through a website. Internetprovide online credit card processing capabilities for e-Commerce businesses. Get the best Internet Credit Card Processing for websites!

What if my website is not ready yet?

We can accept temporary sites. It does not have to be live to the public but it should show enough information to get a sense of what you are selling and for how much. Get Website Credit Card Processing!

What is a shopping cart? Is it required for e-Commerce?

Shopping carts collect the items chosen by a consumer for purchase from an online catalog.

A virtual terminal will work just as well for most e-Commerce Merchants. However, Internet Merchants that handle a high quantity of products may find it easier to use a shopping cart.

All about Web.

How do I determine the right Processing Equipment for my business?

One of our experts will analyze your business needs and present you the best processing options. We offer state of the art processing equipment for all businesses, including: Internet/E-Commerce, Retail, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Restaurant, Mobile/Wireless, Business to Business, and more.

What if I have never operated a Credit Card Terminal?

One of our Technicians will train Merchants so they can take full advantage of the credit card machines supplied by Merchant Services. A Toll-Free number is also provided, with qualified customer service representatives available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Guaranteed Lowest Rates!

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