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Membership Club & Credit Card Processing

 Merchant Membership ClubMembership clubs and subscription organizations are considered for credit card processing and need to offer payment options to their members and subscribers.


Our Company provides effective and affordable Membership Club merchant services that help membership organizations, travel clubs, vacation clubs to grow their business and become more competitive. We are the Processing experts and our job is to provide you the best merchant account solutions based on the unique needs of your business.

Whether we set you up with an Offshore or a domestic you will benefit from our deep understanding of the membership club industry. Clubs heavily depend upon flexible merchant accounts to continue processing recurring payments from their members.


Flexible Credit Card Processing for Membership Clubs Merchants

Companies using our Membership Club include:


 Credit Card Processing

- Health clubs, Gym Membership and Medical/Dental Plans

- Discount Travel Companies and Timeshare Clubs

- Magazine Subscription publications

- Home Warranty Plans, Extended Auto Warranty Memberships

- Prescription Drug Healthcare Discount Programs

- Magazine Subscriptions Periodicals publications

- Legal Cannabis and MMJ Home Delivery Associations

- Adult Oriented Erotic Entertainment Business and Swinger Club

- Adult Sexually Explicit Website Recurring Monthly Access


Our Membership Club HIgh Risk allows you to manage multiple billing options such as weekly and monthly payments. Members and subscribers benefit from these convenient and flexible payment options and are more likely to keep themselves enrolled in your Club or Organization. Plus working with a high risk credit card processing provider like us, you will always be able to sleep at knowing your account will not be closed, shutoff, or cancelled for being a prohibited business type. Other companies and big name processors like First Data, Square, Paypal, Intuit, will regularly and without notice shutoff and close your account without warning or notice, leaving you high and dry without any processing capability. One of the worst things that can happen to a business is despite your clean processing history you are abruptly closed due to a "prohibited business type"! Why take a chance working with the big boys who dont care about your business. Work with a small business friendly solutions provider that uses small little known banks that cater and accept the high risk, high volume merchants like you. Give us a call and a senior sales manager will go over the whole program and walk you through the process of getting your account up and running smoothly.


Make more money with our Credit Card Processing. Take action now!

Our company helps businesses like your Membership Club to accept credit cards, debit cards, e-checks and virtually all kind of payments. Increase your sales and profits in a competitive market where customers demand payment flexibility. Take advantage of our low rates and save money on your monthly processing costs with our affordable .

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