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sBusinesses who haveand accept credit cards and debit cards as form of payment are able to generate more revenue than a company that only takes cash. The average credit card sales -processed through s- are usually much bigger than the average cash sale.


Merchants withoutneed to count bills and coins and waiting for customers to complete paper checks also increase the amount of time wasted by you, your employees and the other clients.

Another advantage of processing transactions withis that credit cards allow merchants to take orders online (Internet s), on the phone and even through automated services (MOTO s), reducing overhead costs.

Those without merchant accounts, who don't have reliable and affordablewill face a tremendous disadvantage when the competition around offersand more flexible options to customers who want to acquire the same goods or services. Accepting credit and debit cards is a must to become a competitive business and to do that you need.


How to get setup?

The get the funds from those credit card sales merchants need a , to get a you need a Provider. There are many financial institutions offeringbut it is better to get in touch with those who specialize in small businesses. These Companies tend to offer better rates and get the account set up faster than those companies who serve big corporations. seekers should see if the Provider has experience servicing the same industry and type of business. For example, the technical needs that a small online business demands (Online s) are different from what a big restaurant chain may require (Retail s).


Choose the Best Solutions!

Because there are many Providers we work twice as hard to satisfy our clients and their needs. You may be asking yourself why choosing us among many Companies and Processors. The simple answer is because our flexibleallow your company to process more credit card transactions, faster, easier and at a lower rate than most Businesses.


What is in the box?

Usually, along with the s, business owners would also need to lease processing equipment and software to ensure a smooth payment flow from the moment the customer swipes his or her card and the moment that your business accounts collects the funds from that sale through the . If the merchant wants to take credit cards on a website, signing up to a virtual payment gateway (Virtual s) will be required as well. Thisare processing tool that allow real-time authorization for transactions made online. Ecommerceare one of the fastest growing credit card processing solutions in today's market.


Apply, Get it, Profit!

The application process may take from 24hrs up to a week, depending on the complexities of your . The speed of approval process rely mainly on the nature and the credit history of the business. Established retail companies are likely to be approved faster than mail order and internet merchants. But we have specialized in and Offshorethat allow, even the riskiest of the business, to process credit cards.


Affordable Services

The number of financial institutions competing for you business makes this time the best moment to get an affordable . EZ Payment Solutions will give you the best deals in.


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